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Bethany Choir 

We welcome all teens and adults to join us for rehearsal, Thursdays from 7:15 to 8:45pm, from September to May.
The choir prepares music for weekly participation in worship. Bethany Choir explores a great variety of music in the Christian tradition from all times and places.

Vocal Choirs 

For many decades, Bethany has enjoyed a lively and active music ministry.  Our choirs serve as the “backbone” of this ministry, providing worship leadership in service both to God and to our spiritual community.  Our aim is to prepare ourselves for inspiring leadership of our congregational worship of God, nourishing a tradition of congregational singing, and deepening the connection between what we sing and who we are.  In a postmodern age that so often isolates the individual, our choir remains an important source of community - by singing together and working together to achieve musical excellence, we begin to understand and deepen our care for one other.