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Session in a Nutshell

October 2018

Session in a Nutshell (10-21-18)

  • Scott Chase gave an update on Natural Church Development (NCD).  Areas of focus have been Passionate Spirituality and Need-oriented Evangelism.  Next steps are to conduct a community needs assessment, conduct the next survey of NCD, and apply for grant(s) from the Presbytery to fund continued work in this area.
  • Community & Global Mission – donated money for flag to new scout troop. Ron Fisher, Jim Robinson & Jim Hetzler are considering going south to work in the area hit by the hurricanes and we want to support them if they do, so CGM will decide exactly how the $1000 will be spent after we hear their plans.
  • Stewardship Committee will follow up with those members who were unable to attend the October 21 service.
  • New Member committee has designated November 18 as “Bring a Friend to Church Day”.  All are urged to participate.
  • $1000 was donated to the church library from Bill Joyce
  • Budget and Finance will hold training sessions for committee chairs and elders. The first is November 11 at 9:00 or 11:00.  Preliminary budget due December 1.

Have questions? Talk to any Elder, we are happy to listen to ideas and concerns.