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Session in a Nutshell

May 2019

​Session in a Nutshell (5-5-19)
IMPORTANT!!!      Congregational Meeting – in June after the service!!! 
Will include info on:  the organ, associate pastor, NCD, worship survey and vital congregations info.

Update on the Organ – Jacob Montgomery

  • Organ electronics are failing and in need of costly repairs.  Multiple options were mentioned.  Will present information at the June Congregational Meeting.  Would like to form task force to work on short term and long-term goals.


  • Will be forming a small interview committee (not a search committee) to interview Interim associate pastor while we look for an associate pastor.  Committee will include someone from Christian Ed and Youth fellowship. 

Community & Global Mission

  • Motion made and carried – donate 40% of last years Pentecost offering ($132) plus 40% of this years Pentecost offering to Villa of Hope.


  • Close to having a complete slate.  Just a few more meetings.  Three committees will have one less member moving forward.

Spiritual Growth

  • The women’s retreat is planned for May 4beginning work on Church picnic and Worship in the park for September.

Have questions? Talk to any Elder, we are happy to listen to ideas and concerns.